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Longines Legend Diver and wrist size I have been tempted many a time by the Longines Legend Diver but do think it may be too big for my 7 inch wrists with its long lug to lug width. How has everyone else got on with theirs and if you have any wrist shots there'd be much appreciated; thanks Longines Legend Diver 42mm x 13.55mm; 52 mm lug to lug / 22 mm lug width; case weight of 78 grams; 85.5 grams on Longines rubberized strap; 300m rating That's when you know you have a problem/flipping addiction

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Looking within Longines, the Heritage 1973 chronograph used the same L688.2 movement but retailed for $3,250 just a few years ago, and the Legend Diver is still available with a list price of $2,400. Considering similar pieces from both Longines and their competitors, I think they have an absolute winner on their hands with the Avigation BigEye Background . I've always been a fan of dive watches. I own many. While Longines has not been on the top of my list for dive watches, I recall distinctively noticing the Legend Diver when it was re-issued in circa 2008. The no-date model in particular. It's been a hard one to get, and sold out soon after release

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Discover the Longines Legend Diver Watch L3.774.4.50.6 stainless steel watch for men combining timeless elegance and the watchmaking expertise of Longines The new Longines Heritage Skindiver is a faithful reproduction of the original. The stainless steel case measures 42 millimeters wide with what appears to be a relatively long lug-to-lug (we saw the same thing on the Legend Diver), although as of this writing I do not have an actual measurement to share 300M of water resistance makes this the deepest dive watch I have. I am not a huge dive watch guy, I prefer field/adventure watches. But I have always been a fan of the supercompressor case, but not a fan of the Legends Diver size. Specifically the Lug to Lug

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I don't have pipecleaner wrists, measuring in at about 7 1/4 inches, but the overhang was just too pronounced. I recently bought a Magtette Dual Time that has a 42mm cushion case and measures 50mm lug to lug and that fits me fine (as per photo). The extra 1mm(ish) and the straightness of the Longines lugs is just too much for me Ask me about my favorite modern Longines, and it is most likely going to be the Longines Legend Diver. It is one of those watches that Longines absolutely nailed. But, I always had to continue my recommendation with but. And that was but try it on first if you have a small wrist. It seemsRead more Release: Longines Legend Diver Now In A Glorious 36mm Size Today, Longines combines the original beauty of the most remarkable of its former products with cutting-edge watchmaking technology. The Heritage models are a tribute to the pioneering spirit that has inspired Longines designers since the company's early days BUY IT HERE: https://www.thewatchbox.com/watches/longines See this 42mm stainless steel Longines Heritage Legend Diver Ref. L3.674.4.50. in high-resolution. Longines Legend Diver on Chrono24.com. Daily new offers. In stock now. Safe favorite watches & buy your dream watc

The Longines Legend Diver is a truly vintage-inspired timepiece that honors the classic Longines Reference 7042 dive watch from 1960. I recently had the pleasure of wearing the Legend Diver Reference L3.674.4.50.6 and quite enjoyed the overall experience on the wrist, as well as the opportunity to learn more about the history of the Longines brand Or smaller than a Longines Legend Diver, where the lug-to-lug distance is - with the diameter of 42 mm not even suggesting that - a whopping 56 mm. That's the same as in the 46 mm IWC Big Pilot's Watch, and a hair short of the 47 mm Panerai reissues The Longines Legend Diver is available in three versions that only vary in strap choice: a steel Milanese bracelet with triple clasp and security pushers; a natural leather strap; or a black rubber strap. The three versions share the same price, EUR 2,480. Certainly, it is not an easy price when you have to fight in a market saturated with divers Recently i've been looking at the longines legend diver reissue. They are really handsome pieces especially the no-date variants and affordably priced as well! At a size of 42mm, i'm slightly concerned because i do not own anything larger than 40mm. i would like to know what you guys think about the watch especially proud owners of them

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The Longines Legend Diver in bronze pairs this new warm case material with a charismatic desaturated, patinated look that emphasizes the design's vintage feel. Apart from the bright, slightly coppery tone of the bronze case material, this new Longines Legend Diver shares the same 42mm case design as its stainless steel counterparts (Longines' Legend Diver also comes to mind.) Naturally, modern tech was applied to the Diver Sixty-Five, where applicable, in the form of an AR-coated, domed sapphire crystal, as well as the Sellita SW-200 caliber, but the dial, bezel, case shape, and even tropic-style strap were all seemingly ripped from a mid-sixties Oris catalog Back to the Longines Legend Diver Bronze. Basically, regarding the overall design of the watch, no surprises here. The elements that have made the success of the original LLD are still present. The case, while now made of bronze, still measures 42mm in diameter and approx. 13.5mm in height - and still with its relatively long lugs Measuring in at 52mm lug to lug, it's not a piece for everyone, especially those with smaller wrists. I was fortunate to try before I bought and had no issues with my 6.5 wrist, albeit being at my maximum I would consider. Longines has released some great reissues of late, but to me, the Legend Diver remains one of their best and most.

The Longines Nautilus Skin Diver proved a popular, accessible option for divers in the '50s, and in 1960 Longines followed up on it with the release of the reference 7042, which serves as the inspiration for the Longines Legend Diver (LDD) that we know and love today Sorry to say, lug-width on the Legend Diver is 22mm. One good thing about the Legend is that you can match a variety of straps to bring it to the beach or the boardroom without looking out of place. As far as bracelets go, I think only the mesh looks good on the LLD but well, that is only in my own opinion Case in point is the stylish '60s-inspired Legend Diver, first released way back in 2007. And while it's become de rigueur for most major brands to release one or two retro pieces a year, the Longines Legend Diver (LLD) pioneered the reissue genre, and still holds its own, thanks to a well-balanced trifecta of timeless good looks, clear vintage style and cracking value

This is indeed bad, but I seem to be moving towards wanting to get one of this. What is it? Well it is the Longines Legend Diver. I have n.. The Longines Legend Diver, originally released in 2007, has already become something of a forgotten classic. There are a variety of reasons it's a watch many have to be reminded of, as opposed to something like a Black Bay, which seems never far from the forefront of the watch buying public's consciousness

Face Off: Longines Heritage Diver 1967 vs Oris Divers Sixty-Five Today, we're bringing two winners from Baselworld 2015 head-to-head for this Face Off. The retro inspired trend has been steadily increasing over the past few years, and both Longines and Oris knocked it out of the park with their latest entries Re: Longines Legend Diver 36mm Must admit it's a very nice piece, think I may have to drop by the nearest Longines outfit. I tried the original a few years ago, those lugs.. Longines has been the undisputed king of the vintage re-issue game for a while now and the Legend diver has been one of the more successful models from its heritage line up. While the watch stands aesthetically true to its 1960's inspiration its large 42mm footprint on the wrist has always been a talking point, especially amongst enthusiasts with smaller wrists Longines Legend Diver vs Wyler Vetta fasi luna Io indosso un legend diver 1967 da una ventina di giorni, lug to lug 49mm, e lo trovo portabilissimo e stupendo. Ho un polso da 17 scarsi.. . dieselteox. Posted on 5/11/2018, 18:19 . Senior User . Grou

Description: Product reference: 9731 Brand: Longines Strap: Steel Color: Steel Closing: Buckle Origin: Switzerland Guarantee: 2 Years of the Producer from the purchase Condition: Never Worn Spare Type: Bracelet Ref. Market Place 1: TO Lug Width: 19 mm Closure Material: Steel New / Used: New Responsibility Technical information Product Availability Prices The prices of the products displayed. Longines makes great heritage watches, like the Legend Diver and mono-pusher chrono-with-no-name, I've heard nothing but good about Halios. The Seaforth makes my balls wet. 40mm 12mm thick 47 lug to lug domed sapphire 20mm lugs 6 color and bezel combination solid Miyota 90S5 movement vintage feel. $675 Brand: Longines REF. L3.674.4.50. Metal(s): Stainless Steel Band: Original Longines buckle and synthetic nylon strap Bezel: Internal Bi-Directional Rotating Stainless Steel Dimensions: Case: 42 mm across Lug-to-Lug: 52 mm Band Width: 22 mm (between the lugs) Movement: Mechanical: Automatic Hallmarks: Case Back (Outside): LEGEND DIVER 40674557. Description. The Longines Legend Diver reference L3.774.4.50.6 was added to the Legend Diver collection in 2020. This watch has a Stainless Steel case and a Black dial Features of this Longines Legend Diver diving watch include 300-meter water resistance, internal rotating dive bezel, hours, minutes, seconds and date. This Longines watch also measures 13.4mm in thickness and 52.4mm from lug-to-lug. For complete details, watch the full Longines Legend Diver review by Tim Mosso

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Great prices for Longines Legend Diver on Chrono24.co.uk. More than 3,000 verified dealers worldwide. Large selection. Secure purchase Longines, a watch brand that has long led the field in neo-vintage watches, has once again demonstrated its skill in this arena with the new Heritage Skin Diver. The dive watch — which comes on the heels of the critically-acclaimed Legend Diver watch, a 1960s super-compressor-style diver, and last year's Avigation BigEye, based on a 1930s aviation chronograph— is a further. Longines Legend Diver on Chrono24.com.au. Daily new offers. In stock now. Safe favorite watches & buy your dream watc

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  1. Find pre-owned Longines Legend Diver on Chrono24.co.uk. Over 3,000 verified dealers worldwide. Secure purchases with Buyer Protectio
  2. Meshet funkar bättre på Legend diver än på Skin diver, tycker jag. Sjukt nöjd med klockan. Klicka för att visa allt. Härligt! Någon som har erfarenhet med Longines World Timer? 42 men 46 lug to lug. Rädd den blir för stor. Kan få en helt ny till halva priset som är 10.000,-
  3. e also, but could not deal with the lug to lug
  4. Le anse sono abbastanza sporgenti e complice un diametro di 44 mm portano il lug to lug ad un Komandirskie Kontiki L3.674.4.50.6 L3.841.4.96.6 L36744506 L619 L633 L888 Legend Diver Liquidmetal™ Longines Longines Heritage Legend Diver Longines Hydroconquest Lover lowell Lowell Srl luce solare Made in China made in Germany Maktime.
  5. us 10 seconds per year
  6. Longines Legend Diver Date or no date. Diskussion i 'Diskussion' startad av mrbrightside, 29 januari 2018. Är de längre än 50 mm lug to lug? Revolve01, 5 februari 2018 #38. nbrowall Titan. Inlägg: 94 Från: Göteborg. Hej, Är också väldigt sugen på att investera i en Legend Diver
  7. Longines rolled out a smaller version of its popular Legend Diver last year, one that is just 36mm in diameter and catered to ladies. Now it's added a tropical dial model to the line-up, creating a dive watch for ladies with serious retro style

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The Longines Legend Diver, since its inception in 2013, has been one of the biggest hits from the Switzerland-based watch manufacturer. The watch is part of the brand's popular Heritage collection, which draws its inspiration from its archives of more than 185 years. This year, Longines had taken it up a notch - with the new Skin Diver Watch Discover Longines replacement parts and accessories on Chrono24. Purchase bracelets, straps, bezels, movements, dials, glass, and crowns onlin Lug end style : Standard (Hollow) Curved End Adjustment type : 4 removable links-- pin type adjustment (all links are removable) Material : 316L Stainless Steel, all solid links (not including end links) Designed to fit : Longines Legend Diver 42m The Legend Diver's case is an exact replica of its older sister's from the 60's. Like many diving watches from that period, the case has a rotating internal bezel and two screwed-in crowns. The whole concept of this Longines has been conceived down to the upmost details: the case's polished finish is well executed; the screwed back has a nice engraving on it, and the crowns are striated and.

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Description. The Longines Legend Diver reference L3.774.4.50.9 was added to the Legend Diver collection in 2020. This watch has a Stainless Steel case and a Black dial LONGINES Black Rubber Strap for Legend Diver and Heritage Diver 1967 ref. Legend Diver Pro L36744500 and Heritage Diver 1967 L280845xx. Size lug attachment case 22 mm. Size lug attachment buckle 19 mm. Length pieces 8.80 cm + 8.80 cm. Without buckl The iconic timepiece, now with a feminine touch A well-known timepiece in Longines' Heritage line, The Longines Legend Diver Watch is now available in 36mm versions. Colorful creations or faithful replicas of the original watch, the new models of The Longines Legend Diver Watch will become the daily companion of women and men in search of authenticity or fans of the vintage look

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Details about LONGINES Legend Diver L3.674.4 Date Automatic Black Dial Used. LONGINES Legend Diver L3.674.4 Date Automatic Black Dial Used. Item information. Condition: Used. Time left: d. h. m. s. day. hour. 52.5mm Lug to Lug. 22mm Strap Width. Package includes Original Large Case, Original Synthetic Strap & Buckle, OEM Mesh Bracelet,. Longines Legend Diver on Chrono24.ca. Daily new offers. In stock now. Safe favorite watches & buy your dream watc Because their lug to lug, and lug profiles are done absolutely no justice by my wrist. In most instances, the long lugs found on Nomos cases extend out around 10mm. Case in point: The Ahoi is an intriguing diver , that bolsters a unique look not found in divers from other brands

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Get The Cheap Longines Legend Diver Replica Now. I suggest the longines legend diver replica.If you prefer a smartly-designed watch that can take the dual-crown diver configuration and updates the execution and keep the look concepts from the original, you'll find something within this watch Longines Legend Diver Listing: $15,115 Longines Legend diver, Reference number 7042-1; Steel; Automatic; Condition Good; Year 1959; Watch with original paper. The lug width is the width of the strap at the end that is attached to the watch. This is the interior distance between the two lugs. These include the Longines Conquest Heritage and the Longines Flagship Heritage . You can purchase the Conquest Heritage new and pre-owned for less than 1,000 euros. The Flagship model is available for 1,200 euros new. The Legend Diver Watch, on the other hand, was inspired by 1960s diving watches

A reinterpretation of a 1960s diver watch. The Longines Legend Diver Watch occupies a special place in the brands' Heritage segment. Symbolic of the rich heritage of the brand based in Saint-Imier, this range has gradually expanded over the years and now includes a bronze version Case Case Back: Screw-down case back Dimension: 42.00 mm Lug Distance: 22 mm Glass: Sapphire with several layers of anti-reflective coating Material: Stainless Steel Shape: Round Water Resistance: 300 meters (1000 feet) Movement Caliber: 619/888 Movement: Automatic Power Reserve: 42 hours Functions Main Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds, and date. Bracelet Bracelet Buckle: Deployment buckle.

Characteristics . Maker: Longines Model: Legend Diver Reference No: L3.674.4.50. Case No: 42259xxx Caliber/Movement: Caliber L633, automatic movement Year: c. 2014 Original Box/Documents: Yes/Yes Functions: Date Case Material: Steel Case Dimensions: 42 mm Crystal: Sapphire Strap/Bracelet Material: Leather by Longines Strap/bracelet Lug: 22 m Detailed look at Longines's Legend Diver Red Gold watch Reference L3.674.8.50.. View price, 42mm case, dial details and 2824-2 movement features, and discover other Longines watches Longines's Legend Diver Date Stainless Steel / Black / Strap (L3.674.4.50. (aka: L36744500)) was originally released in 2009. This watch features a automatic movement beating at a frequency of 28800 bph ( 4 Hz) to provide a -hour power reserve when fully wound

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The Legend Diver in bronze is powered by Calibre L888.5 (a rebranded ETA A31.L11), which is a part o This Longines Legend Diver in Black (reference L3.774.2.50.9) is rather like the opposite Legend Divers, a part of the heritage assortment. A group that's solely a small portion of Longines annual manufacturing of an estimated 1.three million items. An enormous quantity, however the variety of completely different references from Longines can. Longines Pores and skin Diver. After all, I'm speaking in regards to the Longines Legend Diver, one other celebrity from the model that - in a refreshed type - remains to be a part of the Heritage mannequin line. Hardcore followers would possibly know what I'm referring to once I say, refreshed. It has one thing to do with. The Longines Legend Diver Date on the New Rubber Strap One of the most anticipated watches of 2014 is actually an existing piece with a new strap option: The Longines Legend Diver Date. Since its introduction into the Heritage collection in the mid-2000's, all modern stainless steel versions of the Legend Diver had been equipped with a 22mm non-tapering sailcloth strap with a 22mm tang buckle What's your thoughts about the Longines Legend Diver I tried one out recently on a trip to an AD - seemed expensive for what is was, then I pulled out the crown and the whole movement including dial came loose inside the case! - like they'd forgotten to fit the spacer or something

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  1. This stunning watch by Longines is a part of their Legend diver collection. This watch is the perfect match for all of you with a liking for classic watches with modern innovative technology. This watch features a stunning black lacquered dial with painted Arabic numerals and silvered polished hands. Furthermore, it has a stainless steel case with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and a 42.
  2. Longines resurrected a part of their history with the release of the Longines Legend Diver at the 2007 Baselworld. In doing so they proved to be well ahead of the curve on the vintage re-issue trend that's emerged in recent years
  3. Longines has never gone wrong with its bold and unique designs and has won hearts of many of its wearers with such different and daring designs. This Legend Diver watch by Longines is one such example of a unique design coupled with the perfection of functionality, to provide the wearers with the best of timepieces. The all-black look of this timepiece is what sets it apart from the rest.
  4. For sale is this: Desirable Longines Classic Heritage Legend Diver 42mm Automatic, Ref, L3.674.4.50. Box & Papers Stainless steel case, with screw down crowns. Good pre-owned condition, very light used. (Please view all pictures, these form part of the description) Swiss made high jeweled automatic movement. The watch measures 42mm excluding crown by 51mm from lug to lug In good working order
  5. Lähes käyttämätön Longines Legend Diver omalla meshrannekkeella. Kellossa on vielä suojamuoveja paikallaan. Vesitiiveys 300m ja koneistossa 64h käyntivara. Sen paperit on päivätty helmikuussa 2020, ja takuu on voimassa 2/2022 asti. Täysi complete set, mukaan kaikki mitä uutenakin, boksit, manuaalit, takuukorttu, kirjanen ja hangtag
  6. Hi i have a citizen aqualand jp8000 wich has 24mm lug to lug width. I'm looking for a replacement strap like your ZULUDIVER PRO Z Type Diver's Watch Strap, but it's only 22mm. I prefer the zuludiver to pro z type couse is softer than zuludiver 286 (wich is 24mm)

The Longines Legend Diver is definitely probably the most emblematic watch from the model's heritage assortment. Based mostly on a 1960s diver's watch with Abou Today, Longines combines the original beauty of the most remarkable of its former products with cutting-edge watchmaking technology. The brand's products accompanied many pioneers in their adventures in the air, on land and under the sea. The very core of Longines' timepieces is based on this expertise Longines Replica were built with a much the same diver watch, by having an automatic caliber 290 Longines movement inside. This 42mm Longines Diver watch had dimensions that are the same current Longines Legend Diver watch. High quality Longines replica watches did a properly job re-desiging this icon using their own heritage

Daily new offers for Longines Legend Diver. Safe favorite watches & buy your dream watch on Chrono24.i Legend Diver 42mm Automatic. L37744506. L37744506. $2,400. Free Shipping. In stock. In stock. Add to Cart Lug Distance 22 mm We assure your satisfaction with all Longines merchandise by offering a 30-day money-back guarantee The Longines Legend Diver Ref.7494 42mm stainless steel diver's watch made in 1966. From following the first generation diver's watch Ref. 6921 that was introduced in 1959, this is the second-generation diver's watch Legend Diver Ref. 7494. Non-original lug width 22mm. 13 November 2018 | Longines, Watch Reviews, Baselworld 2018 If we were to strictly abide by the rules governing anniversary celebrations then Longines should have presented the modern edition of its Skin Diver in 2019, so as to precisely mark the sixtieth anniversary of the presentation of its first diver's watch, but the manufacturer decided to anticipate the times instead

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  1. The Longines Legend Diver Date replica remains in my wrist for any couple of days and I have to admit this is a very comfortable wearer. The 42-mm diameter is just perfect and matches the current standard size for such timepieces. I am in a position to only think the initial type of this will have made an appearance huge at the begining of 1960s
  2. Diskutiere Longines Legend Diver L3.774.4.50. im Herrenuhren Forum im Bereich Uhren-Forum; Hallo! Seit einiger Zeit (ihr werdet es kennen) schwebt mir die JLC Polaris immer wieder vor dem geistigen Auge umher. Ich sehe mich jedoch..
  3. The lugs give the illusion of the watch being a little daintier than it is, and it works really well. The downward slope of the lug makes the strap flow around the wrist. This fact helps make the watch feel a little more managable day-to-day. Movement. The Bigeye is powered by Longines L688 caliber
  4. Longines Tourneau Legend Diver Automatic Watch No Date. This is a very nice 2008 Longines Tourneau Legend Diver Automatic Watch No Date, which were only made between 2007 and discontinued in 2011/12. A reissue of the famous Longines dive watch of the 1960s, having a Super Compressor case with twin crowns

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LONGINES LEGEND DIVER; Το LLD είναι 42-άρι με αρκετά μεγάλο lug to lug, το 65 είναι 40-άρι, αλλά λόγω λεπτής κάσας και λεπτού bezel φαίνεται μεγαλύτερο Daily new offers for Longines Legend Diver. Safe favorite watches & buy your dream watch on Chrono24.a The Legend Diver (L3.674.4.50.0) is likewise waterproof up to 300 m (30 bar). While this timepiece is no longer part of the current Longines collection, you can still purchase new pieces for around 1,600 euros

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Longines. Elegance Classic Watchmaking Tradition Sport Heritage Produkty ve slevě Dámské(741) Pánské(766) Ocel(1206) Titan(1) Zlato žluté(31) Zlato bílé Zlato růžové(178) Platina Žluté zlacení(144) Růžové zlacení(72) Černé PVD(30) Keramika(47) Hliník Bronz(1) Breitlight. Longines Rubber Strap L682142867 22/19 mm to 87 mm length each Heritage Legend Diver. Important: the photo is representative of the item being sold, the product may have differences due to different lots of leather and production Best prices for new Longines Legend Diver. Over 475,000 watches in stock now. Unique variety of watches on Chrono24.co.z The longines legend diver replica is really a tribute to Longines' 42mm Super Compressor. Many facets of the timepiece are the same original, while much continues to be altered. Situation diameter is identical, however the thickness from the watch is bigger Its curving lugs and narrow bezel attribute the watch with a larger look and feel, Longines Legend Diver 10 th Anniversary. This Longines Legend Diver 10 th Anniversary (References below) is powered by a self-winding mechanical movement, caliber L633 with 25 jewels and 28,800 vph

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